Inspirational lectures about a journey from the world's worst prisons to Sweden


1. University Of Whispers My time in the cramped cells was endless. But my fellow-prisoners and I could whisper. In silence, we began to teach each other.
Doctors shared knowledge on how to take care of your wounds. Psychologists told how to be happy during the torture. Lawyers described legislature. Someone knew smatterings of English. We formed a secret and highly dangerous information and knowledge sharing community we called “University of Whispers”.

2. Brave Heart (leadership):  I was the youngest. But it became my job to mark the dead. A number was to be written on the forehead of every deceased.
And I soon realised that, by slightly altering the numbers, I could have a chance to save inmates. I took on a task that could cost me my life.
But this also gave me courage. My fellow prisoners trusted me. I became a leader of sorts.

3. Trauma As A Drive Force:  I have had sleepless nights, haunted by unthinkable nightmares.
I have knowledge one does not wish to own, experiences I wish to disavow.
But surviving is possible. Viewing survival as a challenge, something that must be done; focusing on the brighter parts of life - it works. This I have learned by now!
I am alive, working and studying, I will live a happy life, I will go on. In spite of everything.

4. Networking & Integration:   When I came to Sweden I had never even shaken hands with a woman I was not related to. But I soon learned that in this country you greet people with a hug, and this applies to women too. When I came to Sweden I lived with the conviction that Jewish people were the enemy and synonymous with the Israeli state. But I soon learned that Jewish people were individuals and that the Israeli government was a political formation.
When I came to Sweden I spoke neither Swedish nor English. Now I speak both fluently + Norwegian.

" You are a role model to us all"
D. Sandberg (BCG)

"It was meeningful. You are a great spokeman"
B. Oberkoetter (Brown University)

"Your Story is truly inspiring and your positive energy is so contagious"
Ch. Elias (LinkedIn) 

" Omar has dedicated his life to imploring the world not to turn a blind eye" Josh Rogin
(The Washington Post)