“I wake up tired. I’m running in all of my dreams. It’s either the intelligence service running after me or I’m in prison”

"I've seen over 10 000 dead bodies here, if you tell me that humanity died I won't let down a tear. Don't worry about me"

As many as 200,000 people languish in Bashar al Assad's prisons today. Prisoners are systematically tortured, raped, starved and murdered. The case against Assad is ironclad.

Off The Grid had gained rare access to men and women who survived years of torture inside Syria’s prisons. “Syria’s slaughterhouses” provides a rare insight into Bashar Al-Assad’s detention system. Including the account of a former guard of Saydnaya, the most infamous prison in Syria. Prisoners are sent there to die and have to endure constant torture and inhuman treatment.