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My What, Why, and How

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I was arrested during my highschool

I was tortured physically and mentally for 3 years

Then, I was executed at the age of 20.

Thereafter, I woke up

I spoke at the US Congress

At Harvard, At Spotify

At the UN Security Council.

Speaking up brought me back to life

It became my source of power.

I now speak for businesses, schools, and organizations

I enjoy it. I am so alive. 

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Story - My time in the cramped cells was endless. But my fellow-prisoners and I could whisper. In silence, we began to teach each other. Doctors shared knowledge on how to take care of your wounds. Psychologists told how to be happy during the torture. Lawyers described legislature. Someone knew smatterings of English. We formed a secret and highly dangerous information and knowledge sharing community we called “University of Whispers”.


Trauma - I have had sleepless nights, haunted by unthinkable nightmares. I have knowledge one does not wish to own, and experiences I wish to disavow. But surviving is possible. Viewing survival as a challenge, something that must be done; focusing on the brighter parts of life - it works. This I have learned by now. I am in love, I will have children, I will live a happy life, I will go on. In spite of everything.


Leadership - In prison, everything was about life or death, so every decision must be weighed. You only have one chance and if the wrong decision is made, either you or someone nearby will suffer to a great extent, you won't be rewarded for the good but you will be punished for every mistake. In various crisis situations, whether in the case of pandemics, prisons, or severe economic cuts, role models are needed. Leaders who dare to make difficult decisions, prove security, and have the power to act.

  You Want to Hear The Story?  

I don't care how you reach me, just reach out. Be comfortable!

Prison made me who I am today.

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